September 2022

BODY contouring gel

pHformula is honoured to receive the Buduaari Lemmik 2020 award for our Body Contouring Gel, for Best Body Care product. Thank you to Buduaar Magazine, Estonia for this prestigious award. #pHformula #skinresurfacing #artofskinresurfacing #pHformulaeesti #Estonia #BuduaarMagazine #innovation #award #thankyou MORE AWARDS E.X.F.O. cleanse MORE U.V. protect 50+ MORE CRYSTAL EYES MORE

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VITA C concentrated corrective serum

BUDUAAR, 2021 Boudoir is an entertaining and informative seasonal magazine that provides an overview of current fashion trends, shares lifestyle recommendations andintroduces beauty and health products that are equipped with price information. In addition, there is cool entertaining readingand interesting contestsfor readers. MORE AWARDS E.X.F.O. cleanse MORE U.V. protect 50+ MORE CRYSTAL EYES MORE

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E.Y.E. lift serum

BUDUAAR, 2022 pHformula’s EYE recovery was nominated in the ‘Treatments for Eyes’ category. Anne & Still Beauty, 2022 Anne & Stiil Beauty Favourite is a quality label that helps people make informed choices when faced with the colourful and rich selection of beauty products. By choosing a product with the Beauty Favourite label, you can

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S.U.N. powder

Glamour Magazine, South Africa Glamour magazine beckons you into a world where style intertwines with substance. Explore its pages, seamlessly blending the freshest trends with insightful articles on beauty, lifestyle, and culture. From captivating celebrity interviews to empowering health and wellness tips, career advice, and relationship insights, Glamour is your essential source for inspiration. Embracing

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