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Our products are only available from pHformula skin specialists at your local skin centers.

Please contact your nearest pHformula skin specialist or skin centre for pricing on our products.

You are most welcome to email – they will assist you with your training requirements

pHformula does not support testing on animals. We take the safety of everyone enjoying pHformula’s products very seriously. When we develop our products, we’re always guided by the principles of safety, effectiveness, and integrity. As a developer of high-quality professional skin care products, we do not perform tests on animals: we follow alternative, safe methods to test our products. 

The testing of cosmetic products on animals is prohibited in Europe since 11 September 2004 and since 11 March 2009 for cosmetic ingredients. Being compliant with European regulation 1223/2009, pHformula does not perform tests in animals.

Yes, you should. Overhead lighting, laptop light and mobile phone light, all contribute to UV damage. pHformula has specific formulations tailored for indoor and outdoor protection

When in direct sunlight or when exposed to water, reapplication should be done at least every 2 hours.

pHformula’s focus remains on creating optimal skin health and therefore parabens are not used in our products.

Yes, pHformula is ideal for all phototypes, genders and ages.

When there is a skin condition or disorder it means that the skin is not functioning as it should. When this happens, no matter the age, pHformula can be used.

When pregnant or breastfeeding, your doctor should be consulted before using any product.