“Controlled chemical skin resurfacing is not just a matter of applying acids to the skin – it is an art, an understanding and a passion.”

Petru van Zyl – FOUNDER and Creative Director

The pHformula story

Petru van Zyl is a highly experienced skin specialist with a remarkable track record spanning over 25 years. She is not only the Founder of pHformula but also a dedicated researcher and author of influential educational material. Her work has made a significant impact and is applied in more than 45 countries around the world.

Throughout her extensive career, Petru has contributed her expertise in various regions, including  South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, the UAE, Russia, South America, the USA, and different parts of Europe. During this time, she has been actively engaged in researching the latest advancements in skin biology and cosmetic chemistry. This deep involvement has nurtured her passionate commitment to the development of advanced skin resurfacing treatments. 

Today, based in Barcelona and South Africa, Petru serves as the Founder and Creative Director of pHformula. Her deep interest in the remarkable progress and advancements within the field of dermatological skin resurfacing has led her to collect a wealth of experience and knowledge. Petru has had the privilege of working closely with numerous internationally renowned master opinion leaders, many of whom are distinguished scientists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and aesthetic surgeons.

All treatments and formulas used in pHformula are supported by more than 30 years of combined scientific and medical experience. All pHformula ingredients are pharmaceutical grade and offer an opportunity for physicians to recommend and apply one of the most advanced and effective skin resurfacing treatment systems available in today’s aesthetic market.

A mere 13 years since its launch in 2009, pHformula’s art of skin health has become a global force in the industry.

pHformula expands into Australia, Uzbekistan, Ireland, Romania, Germany and Malta.

Crystal Eyes nominated for best
skincare product under SEK 200
in Sweden by Swedish beauty

DERMABRASION cream awarded
“Best Peeling of the Year” in the
Best Products of the Year Category
in Finland.


Since 2009, pHformula has developed groundbreaking award-winning formulations, products and treatment protocols to treat all skin conditions.

Now available in more than 45 countries, pHformula expands into more new markets: Mexico, Seychelles.

pHformula’s Crystal Eyes nominated for best skincare product at the 2022 Swedish Beauty Awards.
pHformula’s D.E.R.M.A.B.R.A.S.I.O.N. cream awarded in the Best Products of the Year category in Finland.
The pHformula family continues to grow as we welcome Dubai, Bahrein, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Zambia and the Maldives!
SOS hydra gel mask is nominated for beauty favourite in Estonia by Anne&stul Ilulemmik awards 2021.
pHformula launches its world-class, flagship skin specialist education academy – the ART CLUB – in Barcelona, Spain. In the same year, we welcome Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Namibia.
MELA concentrated corrective serum award winner for best professional face serum in Cyprus by Anne & stul Ilulemmik awards 2020.
Liquid Life Boost award winner for best face care product in professional range in Estonia by Iluteemant 2020.
Celebrating 10 years of skin health! pHformula extends its global footprint to France, Kuwait and Austria.
MELA concentrated corrective serum is award winner for best face care product in Estonia by Anne & stul Ilulemmik awards 2019.

COMPACT foundation is nominated in Sweden by Swedish Beauty & Cosmetic Awards 2019.

VITA C mask is award winner for best overnight mask in South Africa by Woman & Home beauty awards 2019.
SOS eye rescue is award winner for best day eye cream in South Africa by Woman & Home beauty awards 2019 and nominated for best eye cream in the luxury face category in Cyprus by Madame Figaro Beauty Awards 2019.
Italy, New Zealand and Hong Kong joins pHformula.
POINT multi protect is award winner for best MEN beauty product in Sweden by Swedish Beauty Awards 2018.

SOS eye rescue is nominated in Sweden by Swedish Beauty Awards 2018.

pHformula expands into Ireland and Bulgaria.

U.V. protect SPF 50+ is award winner for state-of-the-art ingredients and skin benefits by Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards 2017.

VITA C concentrated corrective serum is award winner for most innovative homecare product in Poland by Innowacja Awards 2017and best beauty product
in Denmark by Danish Beauty Awards 2017.

HYDRA concentrated corrective serum is award winner in the face category for beauty favourite in Estonia by Anne&stul Ilulemmik Awards 2017.

SOS rescue oil is award winner for product of the year in Sweden by Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards 2017 and best professional skincare product in Estonia by Iluteemant Awards 2017.

POINT peptide ointments is award winner for ‘best of it’s class’ in Finland by Lajinsa Paras Awards 2017.
Egypt, Ukraine, Israel and Russia join the pHformula family.
SOS rescue oil receives best facial oil award in Sweden by Tara Awards 2016.
pHformula expands into Belarus, Cyprus, Taiwan and Georgia.

pHformula is nominated for innovative design award for the SOS product line in London by Pentawards 2015.


In just 5 years, pHformula experiences exponential growth as it welcomes distributors in:

The United Kingdom
South Korea and

Poland joins the pHformula family.
pHformula expands into Denmark and South Africa.

Israel signs up as pHformula’s 4th distributor.


The skin health industry sees the introduction of a revolutionary concept: skin resurfacing. As a dual treatment system for the skin professional, pHformula trademarks its unique delivery vehicle complex (PH-DVC) which allows for superior bio-availability within formulations.

pHformula signs up its founding distributors, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Driven by her passion for skin health, Petru van Zyl – innovator and disruptor – launches pHformula. A passionate legacy is born.