for the physician

Controlled chemical skin resurfacing for the Physician

The building blocks of the pHformula treatment system are based on the technology of regenerative medicine combined with the concept of creating controlled chemical skin resurfacing. The action of controlled chemical skin resurfacing differs from conventional peelings. Peelings mainly cause skin exfoliation, whereas controlled resurfacing actively provokes an accelerated form of cell regeneration in the skin, while trauma and superficial irritation is reduced.

pHformula is my ‘go to’ product. It addresses all my patient’s needs and gives them great results with minimum downtime. 

Dr. Chris Giezing

Aesthetic Physician

pHformula remains the leader in the development of innovative and highly effective skin resurfacing products and treatments. Our research and development team shares decades of combined experience, and are known for their innovative scientific knowledge as well as producing quality products in the aesthetic, medicine and pharmaceutical markets.
All treatments and formulae used in pHformula are scientifically backed, with more than 30 years combined experience in the medical and pharmaceutical markets. pHformula sets the standard when it comes to scientific proof backing advanced skin resurfacing technology. We devote countless resources towards research, at major medical institutions, to support the technology behind our products.