How sure are you that your pHformula products are authentic?

Non-authentic products take advantage of established and reputable brands by producing fake products claiming the same superior effectiveness and value of the authentic product.


Our authorised pHformula distributors are skin health experts that are responsible to educate and qualify our skin specialists across the world. If your pHformula product recommendation has not been recommended by a qualified pHformula skin specialist, how sure are you that you’re using an authentic pHformula product?


All authentic pHformula treatments and formulae are supported by more than 30 years of combined scientific and medical experience. Our active ingredients are pharma-grade and are recommended and applied as a effective skin resurfacing treatment systems in the world.


Avoid using non-authentic pHformula products as they are not safe and not compliant to EU regulatory standards. To make sure that you are consulting an authorised pHformula retailer or skin specialists, please contact the pHformula distributor in your country.

For all enquiries please contact