PROTONPEN nanoneedle resurfacing treatments

TRANS DERMAL solutions


Nanoneedles are used in the protocols with our skin resurfacing solutions and powerclays™. The nano-needling technique, together with our controlled proton release, is an innovative, non-invasive transdermal delivery system designed to resurface and to rejuvenate the skin for optimum results in skin concerns such as:

Lack of tone.
Uneven texture.
Excessive pigmentation.
Loss of elasticity.


The PROTONPEN nanoneedling treatment is a controlled skin resurfacing approach safe to use on all skin types as well as different skin disorders like hyperpigmentation, acne, ageing and sensitive skin. The silicone hair-like cones makes the nanoneedle ideal to work on delicate areas such as the contours of the eyes and lips. Resurfacing with PROTONPEN nanoneedling offers a synergistic proton release action in the skin. Both the PROTONPEN and resurfacing products are working in a synergistic action where they boost each other’s results resulting in neo-collagen production, an instant glow, increased nutrient release, improved skin tone and texture in a controlled nano resurfacing treatment with minimal to no downtime.


A unique combination of active ingredients to address different skin disorders, working synergistically to assist in speeding-up skin recovery, maintaining the overall health of the skin, and helping to prevent future damage.

Patients should use the pHformula E.X.F.O. cleanse for soothing post treatment cleansing and exfoliation.
Patients should use the prescribed pHformula active prescriptions as daily skincare solutions which treat specific skin disorders and enhance and maintain healthy skin.

The use of the pHformula U.V. protect SPF 50 + are essential to protect the skin from UV radiation.
Avoid prolonged sun exposure, even when using a sunscreen product, especially in the 14 days prior to and the 14 days post treatment.