SOS lip rescue

The SOS lip rescue is a balm with multifunctional ingredients that soothes, repairs, nourishes and protects irritated dry and chapped lips. Its unique wax texture provides a filmogenic effect that creates a long-lasting barrier that acts like a bandage, providing healing and protection. Vitamin E and the rich emollient, Shea Butter enhance and maintain skin moisture while calming and stimulating skin healing. Bisabolol and Retinyl Palmitate promote healthy skin and skin repair. Salicylic acid promotes gentle, superficial exfoliation while soothing the skin. Menthol provides a refreshing action that contributes to soothe itchiness, redness, and mild sunburn.

–  Shea butter.
–  Bisabolol.
–  Salicylic acid.
–  Retinyl Palmitate.
–  Vitamin E.
–  Menthol.

Apply to lips as often daily as needed to restore, protect, or maintain healthy skin.