N.E.C.K. recovery cream

The N.E.C.K. recovery cream is formulated with a unique, advanced Skin tightening complex to provide lifting, firmness, and smooth sagging, ageing skin of the neck & décolleté. The Skin Tightening complex is rich in glycoproteins and purified polysaccharides to support the structure of the dermis as well as assisting in the improvement of skin moisture levels and plasticity – making the skin flexible, pliable, and able to retain its shape. The pHformula N.E.C.K. recovery improves skin elasticity and moisture levels, while improving this delicate skin texture, providing a healthier look and feel.

–  Skin tightening complex.

Begin by thoroughly cleansing the neck and décolleté, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Rinse meticulously and gently pat dry. Apply the N.E.C.K. recovery cream to the neck and décolleté area once or twice daily. Administer with precision, adhering to recommended dosages. It is imperative to sustain regular usage even while undergoing the professional pHformula skin resurfacing program. Conclude this regimen by seamlessly integrating the recommended pHformula products. This harmonious synthesis further augments the overall effectiveness of the regimen.