MELA concentrated corrective serum

Our concentrated, corrective MELA serum contains a specialised blend of active ingredients to brighten
the skin, providing a more even-toned complexion. 4-Butylresorcinol has a unique structure that enhances its bioavailability in the skin. It helps reducehyperpigmentation by suppressing a key enzyme, tyrosinase, which plays a major role in the process where the skin produces pigment (melanogenesis). 4 Butylresorcinol directly inhibits tyrosinase activity, assisting to provide a more even-toned complexion. pH Cell-detox contributes to boosting the cell autophagy (your body’s cellular recycling system. It removes unnecessary or dysfunctional components for optimising your cells’ performance) which may be key to improving cell longevity and improving skin radiance in fatigued skin. Tetrapeptide-30 provides strong skin brightening effects, helping to visually. reduce hyperchromatic spots. Neuro-light is an extract from Sand Lily, contributing to a reduction in hyperpigmentation, and assisting towards an even skin tone. Hyaluronic acid low molecular weight provides a boost of hydration and contributes to protect the skin barrier.

–  4-Butylresorcinol.
–  pH Cell-detox.
–  Tetrapeptide-30.
–  Neuro-light.
–  Hyaluronic acid.

Cleanse the skin thoroughly with the recommended pHformula cleanser, rinse well and pat dry. Apply the recommended pHformula active prescription product. Apply a few drops of MELA serum and massage into the skin with light circular movements. Allow to fully absorb into the skin. Follow with the recommended pHformula eye product and moisturiser.

Award winner for best professional face serum in Cyprus.

2021 Ilulemmik awards 1


Award winner for best face care product in Estonia.

2019 Ilulemmik awards