LIQUID LIFE radiance

Liquid Life Radiance is a vegan-friendly food supplement formulated to contribute towards improving the skin from the inside out. The unique combination of 5 essential Carotenoids, Vitamins, Minerals, and Hyaluronic acid work synergistically to help protect the skin from the effects of UV-light exposure, helping to reduce skin sensitivity to the sun while boosting the immune system, intensively hydrating the skin, protecting against oxidative stress, and enhancing skin brightness. Since it is in liquid form and orally taken, Liquid Life Radiance can deliver a higher concentration of Carotenoids and other nutrients faster into the bloodstream. It protects the skin from UV light exposure and enhances skin radiance. For all skin conditions to enhance skin radiance improving overall tone. Contributes to inhibit oxidative stress, maintaining a healthy skin. Ideal for hyperpigmentation, sensitive skin, and acne-prone skin.

–  Pyrenees Thermal spring water.
–  Choline.
–  Beta-Carotene.
–  Astaxanthin.
–  Hyaluronic acid.
–  Vitamin C.
–  Zinc.
–  Silicium.
–  Vitamin E.
–  Lycopene.
–  Lutein.
–  Zeaxanthin.
–  Folate.
–  Biotin (vitamin B7).
–  Selenium.

Shake before use. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Take one dose daily (preferably cold). The most optimal absorption of the product is in the morning due to its composition. It is more advisable to take the food supplement on an empty stomach since with food it could decrease absorption as well as cause the formation of intestinal micelles. The mixture with acidic fruit juices is optimal. Mixing with dairy derivatives is NOT optimal (can intercede in the denaturation of proteins). Do not take after 12h00 noon.