H2O flash

Enriched with mineral-rich spring water, this spray offers daily soothing for sensitive skin, delivering comfort and rejuvenation after cleansing. Its hydrating properties are especially beneficial during warm weather or skin flushes. It can also serve as a makeup setting spray. Formulated with Kigelia Africana fruit extract, it enhances skin elasticity, combats free radicals, and fosters a youthful complexion. The formula incorporates Quillaja Saponaria bark extract, esteemed for its potent moisturising and firming attributes. Bisabolol contributes to skin soothing, reducing redness and promoting healing, while also holding moisturising benefits. Its antioxidant properties act as a safeguard against ageing. This revitalising spray contains a powerful cocktail of Vitamins rich in Niacinamide that strengthen the skin barrier, soothe irritation, and enhance skin texture.

–  Mineral-rich water .
–  Kigelia Africana fruit extract.
–  Quillaja Saponaria bark extract.
–  Bisabolol.
–  Multivitamin cocktail.

Use after cleansing or as needed throughout the day. Can be used to set makeup. Spray a fine mist onto the skin. Gently pat dry. Do not shake. Follow with recommended pHformula products.