H.A.N.D. perfection cream

Extrinsic ageing of the hands involves alterations in pigmentation, wrinkling, and texture due to chronic ultraviolet and environmental exposure. This multifunctional hand perfection cream is the ideal solution to help reverse visible signs of ageing and to assist in retaining a healthy, soft, and smooth skin. Enriched with Niacinamide and Liquorice extract, it contributes to reducing hyperpigmentation spots as well as signs of ageing, working in synergy with St. John’s Wort oil and vitamin E. Refined olive oil, Sunflower seed oil, vitamin E, and Ammonium Lactate provide nourishment, enhance skin moisture levels, and keep the skin smooth and healthy.

–  Niacinamide.
–  Ammonium lactate.
–  Refined olive oil.
–  Sunflower seed oil.
–  Liquorice extract.
–  St. John’s Wort oil
–  Vitamin E.

Repetitive and frequent hand washing increases skin dryness and roughness. Use immediately after each hand wash to treat, protect and prevent skin dryness. Follow with U.V. protect SPF 50+ in the morning.