The Proton Affect. In the Time of Corona.

Protons, neutrons and electrons. You’ve heard about them in our Science class.

At the pHformula lab, we deal with them every day.

The Electrons are like the “bad guys” in a sci-fi film. They carry a negative charge in our nucleus – however they are necessary to bring about change; to infect a new order.

The Neutrons are the fence-sitters. They’re neither here nor there, BUT they represent balance when the pressure gets too much.

And then, there are The Protons. The positive players. The cheerleaders of the atomic universe. The “Yes” Team. The ones that raise their hands. The ones that aren’t afraid. The leaders that bring new energy to every formula.

In Science, every particle plays its part. And the same goes for Life.

Protons, electrons and neutrons must live together in order to create a reaction – but ultimately, it’s the Proton that has the final say in a chemical compound – because its force is too strong.
When you consider the amount of protons needed in medical technology, to support less invasive tumour-related cancer treatments, you begin to appreciate the power that a positive charge holds over an outcome.

You begin to reassess your own nucleus while you sift through the number of protons, neutrons and electrons in your life. You start deciding what old patterns must die off in order to make way for a new surge.

You start making emotional choices about which feelings you want to keep, and which feelings don’t serve you anymore.

Most interestingly as humans, in difficult times, we all start to seek out more and more protons, to remove the fear.

Perhaps if we stop stockpiling on food and toilet rolls, and start filling up rather on positive thoughts, and absolute optimism – the desired result of inner peace, happiness and curable solutions will take effect.

While we #resurface together, don’t be afraid. Don’t expend your energy on the negative press and hardship conversations. Don’t let the current predictions define your new journey. Lean inward for those protons that belong to you. Find them again. Wake them up. Shake the dust off of them. Call their names in the face of ambiguity. They are there. They were always there. Because under the microscope, there are always more protons available in a nucleus, than any other charge. And that…is a fact.

Can you imagine the possibilities?

#Resurface #TheProtonAffect

Petru Van Zyl
Founder pHformula