The benefits of Multifunctional Products

Pre-cleanser, cleanser, toner, exfoliator, moisturiser, anti-ageing, brightening, firming. These are the words we are bombarded with day in and day out when searching for effective and genuine skincare products. These are the ‘must-haves’. Not only do we have to understand our skin’s needs, and understand what these products actually do, but we have to buy them and apply them regularly to see results. This can be both costly and time-consuming. By the time you’ve finished your morning skincare routine it’s time for bed. It is easy to be overwhelmed.

Rest assured, this is changing. And like everything in the skincare industry, it is changing rapidly. The industry recognises that the pressures of a busy lifestyle mean people don’t necessarily have time or money to spend hours on skincare, though they still want their skin to look and feel its best. The industry has responded. There is a growing awareness in the aesthetic market of the importance and key role of multifunctional products. These are exactly what they sound like – one product with several benefits. Using one product where you used to use three saves both time and money, while still giving you the results you want.

Today, the savvy product user already knows that you can have aesthetics and performance in a single package. You can have a simple, quick skincare routine and still see results. Purchasing trends have shown that skin specialists and clients alike are looking for products and treatment options that can drastically improve the appearance of the skin in an easy, gentle, and genuine way. This is going to play an increasingly dominant role in the industry in the future.

Products that perform more than one function effectively and quickly are capturing the hearts and minds of clients and professionals. Specifically, products that spread easily, enhance appearance, leave the skin feeling silky and smooth, and reduce the appearance of fine lines are what people are looking for. And you don’t necessarily need several different treatments to achieve this.

pHformula’s professional skincare products are multifunctional because we understand the value of making people’s lives easier, of providing great quality in a small package. The multifunctional properties of pHformula products are about giving skin specialists, physicians and clients optimum results and greater versatility. The benefits of pHformula multifunctional products are numerous: repair of the cellular structure of the epidermis, promotion of healthy cellular membrane, exfoliation for smooth and even-toned skin, decreasing the clustering of melanin granules which reduces brown spots and pigmentation, decreasing sebum production and therefore highly effective at treating acne, increasing the rate of wound healing, and normalising blood flow to help reduce the symptoms of rosacea.

Of course, not only are pHformula products multifunctional, but they are simple to use and easy to apply, and as they are based on decades of scientific research they represent the most advanced skincare knowledge around. In the aesthetic market, pHformula’s products are unique.

So the key behind the research and creativity that goes into pHformula is to develop products that are easy to use and effective in small quantities. Because when it comes to skincare, sometimes less is more.

Below we explain just what the benefits and advantages of pHformula’s range of multifunctional products are, both for home care use and professional use.


Our range of multifunctional HOMECARE products:

Below we explain just what the benefits and advantages of pHformula’s range of multifunctional products for home care use.

Our range of multifunctional HOMECARE products:

Our range of multifunctional PROFESSIONAL products:

Below we explain just what the benefits and advantages of pHformula’s range of multifunctional products are for professional use.

Our range of multifunctional PROFESSIONAL products:

Application of pHformula’s multifunctional products

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