How can we treat the signs of ageing?

We all know ageing is a fact of life. It happens to everyone and manifests itself in many ways, whether we like it or not. But it is nothing to be afraid of. Ageing does not have to mean old. Ageing does not mean the fun is over. And ageing does not mean we don’t still look or feel our best.

But no matter how young we feel, ageing shows itself, perhaps more so than anywhere, in our skin. Our skin is exposed on a daily basis to the harshest elements of our environment – sunlight, pollution, dirt, cigarette smoke, bacteria, infection – and this is without taking into account the regular stresses of life – lack of sleep, poor diet, inadequate water intake. So signs of wear and tear are understandable and expected.

The unmistakable signs of Ageing

When your skin is ageing, there are a number of unmistakable signs – fine lines, particularly around the mouth and eyes that use repeated motions such as laughing and squinting, wrinkles, an increasing softness and lack of elasticity, more soft folds of flesh around the neck, pigment changes, and a loss of density meaning the skin becomes even more fragile, delicate and less radiant.

Of course, all of this is perfectly normal and can affect men and women from as young as 25. However, for those people who just want to make sure they still look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside, there are plenty of options.

How to maintain the health and youth of your skin

The first and foremost should be protection. A good, complete skincare routine can make a world of difference, even if some signs of ageing have already appeared. If they haven’t, proper skincare can help your skin to maintain its health and vitality. And proper skincare does not just happen on the outside – nutritious foods, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, sleep, water, and limited exposure to harsh sunlight are hugely important in maintain the health and youth of your skin.

And for later on, today’s aesthetic market is awash with anti-ageing treatments and products. At the extreme end of the market are cosmetic and plastic surgery and this industry is still booming. But for those who are unwilling or unable to take these measures, there is an increasing recognition in the industry of the need for more affordable and less invasive solutions. Of these there are no shortage – more anti-ageing treatments and solutions are being released into the market every day and it can be confusing trying to understand what will work for your skin.


Innovative, exciting and highly effective anti-ageing solutions

This is why pHformula has developed a range of innovative, exciting and highly effective anti-ageing solutions and treatments that have the potential to suit different people and different skin types. Based on years of scientific research and evidence-based results, pHformula’s treatments are uniquely designed using a variety of different blends of active solutions.

The treatments are applied in a layering / leave-on technique which determines the depth of penetration. This approach is possible due to the fact that most of pHformula’s skin resurfacing actives are self-neutralising. By applying multiple layers, the penetration of the actives is increased in a controlled manner – making it safe and truly effective.

An increasingly popular option in treating the signs of ageing are pHformula’s skin resurfacing treatments. Controlled skin resurfacing goes beyond the outer layer of the skin to actively provoke an accelerated form of cell regeneration in the different layers of the skin – while also reducing the appearance of trauma or superficial irritation. Simply put, skin resurfacing rejuvenates your skin layer by layer. New skin cells form from the inside out, resulting in a tighter, younger-looking surface without any of the negative side effects often associated with conventional peelings.

No matter what pHformula skin resurfacing treatment you are going for, each follows the same comprehensive procedure: skin assessment, cleanse, degrease, skin permeability, resurface, calm and hydrate, and protect. The care and detail with which these treatments are designed and applied means you will need little to no ‘downtime’ following resurfacing – there may be some redness, tightness or superficial peeling, all of which are normal, but most clients have found it unnecessary to even apply makeup after a treatment as the skin is so smooth and radiant. If you want to apply makeup following a treatment, of course you can – you need wait only approximately 15 minutes for the pH of the skin to stabilize.

The pHformula A.G.E recovery solution is a specifically formulated advanced anti-ageing skin resurfacing treatment that focuses on correcting the typical signs of ageing – photo-ageing, pigment changes, a dull or sallow appearance, and superficial or medium-level lines.

he treatment includes targeted home care prescriptions to prepare and maintain your skin and to get the best results, as well as soothing post-treatment cleansing and exfoliation that can also be carried out in the comfort of your home. The home care products enhance recovery and ensure the best results possible. It is also important to protect your skin from UV rays after a treatment and pHformula’s SPF30+ and SPF50+ provides the protection you need.


Retain radiance and youth

So if you want to take steps to make sure your skin retains its radiance and youth for as long as possible but you don’t know where to start – don’t worry. There are options for everyone.

And pHformula would be happy to discuss them with you.