South Africa

Extensive press coverage on pHformula from South African publications

2017 press coverage

Good Housekeeping featured pHformula's Founder and CEO, Petru van Zyl.

Fitness featured pHformula's VITA B3 and VITA C creams.

2018 press coverage

2019 Press coverage

Prominant South African magazines continue to feature and review a wide range of pHformula products

- VITA A cream
- VITA ABC masks
- POINT age reverse
- VITA C concentrated corrective serum
- SOS repair cream
- SOS rescue cream
- SOS rescue oil
- SOS eye rescue
- E.X.F.O. cleanse
- MELA concentrated corrective serum
- pHformula MD range
- POINT age reverse
- Spot On Blemish Active
- A.C.T.I.V.E formula

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