The adverse signs of ageing

What are the signs of ageing?

When it comes to your face, the first sign is usually fine lines – faint lines that appear in particular areas, such as mouth and eyes, that use repeated motions, such as laughing or squinting. Second come wrinkles – deeper lines that are a bit harder to ignore than fine lines. The skin then also experiences a loss of tautness and becomes generally a bit softer. This can result in the dreaded ‘turkey neck’ – soft folds of flesh around the neck that are often accompanied by an increased use of high-collared tops and decorative scarves. And also, a loss of density, in that the skin becomes that bit more fragile and delicate, and may lose some its former radiance.

In fact, signs of ageing may be making you look older than you are.

There is no single cause that makes your skin appear more aged than it is – factors are external and internal. Lifestyle, stress, sleep, nutrition and, of course, skincare, all play a part. As you grow older, your skin gradually loses the ability to tackle the damage done by free radicals – those highly reactive and short-lived molecules that can be formed by exposure to harsh environmental factors such as sun, pollution, smoking, pesticides, and even poor nutrition. And this fragility naturally means your skin needs just a bit of extra help to minimize the damage done and stop you looking old before your time.

While all of these signs are perfectly normal and may affect men and women alike from as young as 25, it doesn’t mean we have to just accept them and move on – certainly not in today’s aesthetic market in which innovative, successful anti-ageing products are released every day.

What can be done about ageing?

So what can be done? If your skin is healthy, a good skincare routine can help maintain its health and vitality. If however your skin is not in the best of health, proper, holistic skincare can go a long way towards improving its appearance, even if those signs of ageing have already appeared. It is unfortunately not enough to simply change moisturizer – ageing happens on the inside and out, in every layer of the skin. A holistic approach is important. Nutritious foods full of anti-oxidants and vitamins, sleep, water, and limited exposure to harsh sunlight can all help to fight ageing, inside and out.

And of course, there are cosmetic treatments aimed solely at the external signs that appear on your face and body. Anything from anti-ageing products available on supermarket shelves, to minimal or extensive cosmetic and plastic surgery, are being used by millions of men and women around the world on a daily basis to combat the signs of ageing. In an industry with so much choice, and new products being released every day, it is hard to know in which direction to turn.

Skin resurfacing solutions

Anti-ageing treatments

And the resurfacing treatment is complemented by a personalized, maximum strength pre- and / or post-resurfacing formulation that can be done at home. This pre- and post support is developed with pHformula’s unique PH-DVC™ complex which guarantees the best possible results.

And in addition to skin resurfacing, pHformula has a range of anti-ageing treatments targeting the neck and the eyes, in addition to the face, which do double the work in taking on hyperpigmentation and the neutralization of free radicals as well.

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