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Our Culture

In essence, our company’s culture is all about how we work together as a team to fulfill the needs of our distributors, clients and skin specialists. It is our company culture that drives our success and contributes to the distinctive personality of our brand. The culture of pHformula is professional, service and family-oriented and is one of close teamwork, and courtesy.

  • CEO & Founder
  • Head of International Education
  • Export and Distributors Support
  • Logistics
  • General Management and Finance

    Dedication to excellence

    Our passionate team combine expertise and enthusiasm and are responsible for our outstanding reputation and growth. Our success is a result of our dedication to excellence, how energetically we all contribute to teamwork, problem solving, innovation, customer service, productivity and quality. Because of the nature of our business, we attract passionate people who want to make a difference in the world through their work. We’ve been fortunate to direct these passions toward innovative product development and the result is an exceptional brand for the professional skin specialist - with raving fans as clients. It’s a powerful combination, and we’re proud of it!

    Contact us and find out from our team what the brand is all about and why it is so different to what you have experienced before in professional skin care.

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