Our Distributors

Our Distributors

Our pHformula skin specialists are carefully selected from around the world for having the following qualities; being intellectually curious, having a high standard of continuous education, have a passion for advanced professional treatments and, last but not least, achieving superior results.

We are a team of experts that are dedicated to assisting our pHformula skin specialists through high level educational workshops. We teach our skin specialists the most effective ways to apply and customise our unique skin resurfacing treatments in order to deliver the best possible results to their clients.

Our pHformula skin specialists are an extension of our team, and we believe the more experience you gain with our dermatological skin resurfacing system, the more business opportunities in this field will follow.

  • SOS repair mask
    Drastically improves the skin barrier
  • Dermatological skin resurfacing treatments
    For all unique skin concerns
  • A.C. 1, 2 & 3 solutions
    Skin resurfacing solutions for acne skin
  • V.I.T.A. C radiance release
    A treatment that delivers maximum vitamin C levels into the skin

pHformula’s treatment system pioneers the collaboration of regenerative medicine with controlled chemical skin resurfacing – resulting in a completely different and effective treatment approach. One without the negative side effects associated with conventional skin peeling. Our network of more than 500 skin specialists in 35 countries worldwide, testify to the fact that our skin resurfacing treatments are the basis of one of the most advanced, exciting and financially rewarding areas in skin aesthetics worldwide.

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