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  • Our History

    Generations of expertise.

 development of the pHformula formulations has a history of decades of combined experience in scientific knowledge, chemistry and aesthetic medicine in the pharmaceutical market.

    A family owned laboratory in Barcelona, Spain with the commitment to develop cutting edge scientific products and treatments.
    • 1898

    • 2014

      Emphasis on the unique customized treatment prescriptions ofpHformula.

      Introduction of the pHformula medical device treatment protocols.


      Continued new market penetration: Lithuania, Norway, Egypt, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, Myanmar, Taiwan and Estonia.

    • 2013

      Introduction of Mesoresurfacing with the focus of pre-mature ageing on the body e.g. hands.

      Opening of new markets: Brazil, Poland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Russia.

    • 2012

      Introduction of E.Y.E and N.E.C.K. resurfacing

      Continued expansion into new markets: South Korea, South Africa, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Colombia

    • 2011

      Targeted skin resurfacing with different levels of strengths: 1, 2 and 3.

      Categorized to treat the following disorders: Premature ageing, Hyperpigmentation, Acne and Chronic Redness.

      Opening of new markets: Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia.

    • 2010

      pHformula was founded by Petru van Zyl, with the focus and vision on the medi-spa market.

      With a clear vision of skin resurfacing rather than traditional peeling.

      PRE and POST resurfacing homecare products in combination with customized professional resurfacing treatments.

      Opening of the first two markets in Europe: Sweden and Netherlands.

    • 1934

      The laboratory responsible for the development of the first pHformula treatment formulations was established in Barcelona in 1934.